Veteran’s PATH Team

Veteran’s PATH grows and develops through the strengths and guidance of all members of its team,
with veterans being the key influencers shaping the programs affecting their lives.


Lee Klinger Lesser, Co-Founder
Program Director of Veteran’s PATH

Lee Klinger Lesser, MS, has developed and led retreats for Veterans since 2008, integrating her experience of mindfulness and meditation into accessible programming for Veterans. She has taught the mindfulness practice of Sensory Awareness for over 45 years both nationally and internationally. She also led national trainings in emotional intelligence, family support, and diversity and equity for early childhood educators. (

Chris Fortin, Co-Founder
Lead Facilitator of Veteran’s PATH and Marriage and Family Therapist

Chris Fortin is a zen practitioner and teacher, as well as a MA MFT psychotherapist and spiritual counselor. She is Cofounder of Veteran’s PATH and has co-developed and co-led our retreats since its beginning. She began her Zen practice at San Francisco Zen Center in 1976 and now practices as a leader and teacher in the Everyday Zen Community (  She leads meditation workshops and retreats throughout the bay area and beyond.  She has over 30 years of experience in helping to heal the wounds and trauma of mind, body and spirit, and brings this experience to the leadership and development of Veteran’s PATH. (

Laurie Schley Senauke
Development and Programs

Laurie has spent over two decades supporting non-profit organizations in various roles, including board member, volunteer and program coordinator, bookkeeper, content and promotional material editor, and development support. She brings to Veteran’s PATH her expertise and proficiency in ground-up database development, website and email creation and management, as well as extensive experience with data collection, management, and analysis for program evaluation. Laurie is a formally recognized Lay Zen teacher; she started Zen practice in 1980 and she currently lives at the Berkeley Zen Center, where she serves as a Practice Leader and administrator of family programs. She works with her own clients doing hypnotherapy and neuro-coaching, weaving together ancient wisdom and recent discoveries from neuroscience. She is deeply moved and inspired by the mission and work of Veteran’s PATH, and she is thrilled to be bringing her skills and strengths to this growing organization. (