Our 5-day river rafting retreats are an awesome adventure through beautiful wilderness. They foster camaraderie, fun, and healing connection with each other and ourselves.

"This trip gave me that 19 year-old boy I had lost. I had a heart of a 19-year old. I could splash and laugh and giggle and play like a child. I hadn’t been able to do that since I came back from the military. And that gift is priceless."

- Steve Lewis, U.S. Army, Persian Gulf
2020 Alumni White Water Rafting Retreat: Monday, July 20 to Friday, July 24

When you are rafting through the middle of a rapid you have to be present and focused on all that is needed in that very moment, and you have to work together.

Off the river, we teach meditation and mindfulness practices that extend that awareness and resource beyond the adrenaline-filled moment. Through practice, dialogtue, and adventure a new path forward of aliveness and possibility is opened even when people leave the river.

Circling up at the beginning of the day to check-in, and settle into the natural wisdom of our own bodies to release tension and open to more ease…before launching into an adventurous day of rafting.

So many people think they “can’t meditate,” and then discover the calming impact of sitting quietly for a few minutes: settling into breath, hearing the birds sing and listening to the sound of the river.

Being in the midst of the river and the rapids, we can’t help but reconnect with our own energy, vitality and joy.

There is time to be alone on the river and do whatever is nourishing. Some people hike, fish, write, read, nap or stand by the river