Veteran's PATH Programs are fun, meaningful and life-changing.

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"Veteran’s PATH was one of the gifts the universe delivered to me to help me cope with the trauma of war. I was a surgical assistant during the first year of the war in Iraq and witness to terrible atrocities. These experiences affected me profoundly. Were it not for Veteran’s PATH I do not know that I would have the meditative tools that have kept me grounded in the present and on the healing road."

- Joe Wheeler, U.S. Army, OIF


At Veteran’s PATH, we create multiple entry points for veterans to engage in our programs. Ranging from 5-minute guided meditations to our intensive veteran leadership programs, we are able to reach more veterans and help them in the process of healing.


These events serve as an entry place for many veterans, and as a source of ongoing support for returning veterans. They combine physically engaging activities with nature, meditation and mindfulness practices, and community.


The retreats offer new possibilities of camaraderie, connection and growth through the healing presence of nature, reflective journaling, expressive arts and integration of meditation and mindfulness practices.


The combined 5-Day Retreat and 15-Week Practice Period is unique and deeply supportive. Many veterans find a safe refuge to speak of military experiences they’ve never shared. They become able to integrate meditation and mindfulness practice more fully into their daily lives. This program offers a combination ofin-person retreats with online resources, video conference calls and peer support.

All of our programs are offered free of charge to veterans who have served since 1990.

Learn more about some of the elements of Veteran’s PATH programming below: