Veteran's PATH Programs are fun, meaningful and life-changing.

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"Veteran’s PATH was one of the gifts the universe delivered to me to help me cope with the trauma of war. I was a surgical assistant during the first year of the war in Iraq and witness to terrible atrocities. These experiences affected me profoundly. Were it not for Veteran’s PATH I do not know that I would have the meditative tools that have kept me grounded in the present and on the healing road."

- Joe Wheeler, U.S. Army, OIF


Our programs build on the skills that so many warriors develop including concentration, discipline, attention, commitment, caring, energy, perseverance, and dedication. And turn these skills towards healing and cultivating well-being in themselves and in those around them.

Meditation offers a reliable, clear structure that can help people pause and connect with their body, mind and heart. Somatic practice such as Sensory Awareness, Yoga, Qigong, and Tai Chi provide a path to connect to the open-ended experience of the present moment in easily accessible and non-threatening ways.

Veteran’s PATH is unique in offering a 4-Month Anchor Program, which combines a 5-day Intensive with a 15-week Practice Period for men and for women. This provides an intensive retreat experience with ongoing support for change.

Our 1-Day Pathfinder Events and 3-Day Trailhead Retreats offer opportunities to experience Veteran’s PATH for the first time, and to have follow-up support and community.

All of our programs are offered free of charge to veterans who have served since 1990.

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