Veteran’s PATH is one of the leaders in the country in providing specific programs for women who frequently feel overlooked both in the military and as veterans; and who need a safe space to share their unique experiences.

"Having programs for women veterans is so important. As women veterans we are all too often invisible warriors with invisible wounds. Many of us have suffered military sexual trauma. All of us have been harassed. Our competency is continually questioned and challenged. To survive we try not to draw attention to ourselves, neither being too good nor too bad at anything. Both within the military and in civilian life our service and sacrifice is ignored and not recognized. Coming together safely with other women veterans is essential in valuing ourselves and finding healing."

- Paige Jenkins, U.S. Navy

Women Veteran’s Programs

When Veteran’s PATH first began, the attendees were predominantly men with only one or two women at each event. In our second year, these women asked us to hold events specifically for women, so that they could feel safe and begin to address their unique experiences in the military. We responded, and have held unique programs for women since 2011.

Our new combined 5-day retreat and 15-week Practice Period is a unique feature of Veteran’s PATH. It provides the depth of an intensive retreat experience with ongoing support to integrate real change into the lives of women through:

  • deep, active cameraderie
  • a safe community for healing
  • learning new skills related to self-compassion, resilience, communication, mindfulness, and meditation