Our Mission

Our Vision

Veteran’s PATH enables returning veterans to rediscover meaning, purpose, and
joy in their lives through mindfulness, meditation, and a safe community.

That all veterans will find healing and wholeness on a path to a purposeful and fulfilling life.

Our approach reconnects veterans
with strength and service.

Through practical tools of meditation and mindfulness, physical and outdoor experiences, and a community of camaraderie, veterans rediscover peace, acceptance, transformation, and honor in a new journey forward.

The Journey Forward


We are providing tools and resources to cultivate peace in our own bodies, minds, and spirits. We offer these tools and a safe environment to practice them. As we find more peace within ourselves, it extends to our families, our relationships and the world around us.


In order to find peace, we have to recognize, accept, and integrate what we have experienced. We cannot change the past. However, we can change how we relate to it, and to ourselves. We can learn to accept ourselves without judgment or harshness. A kindness and self-acceptance arises that transforms the way we live.


As we learn to find more peace within ourselves, and acceptance of the complexity of our experiences, we can begin to transform trauma and difficulty into a new path of meaning and service. We can open to more happiness and joy in our lives. We can use our own experiences and learning to open the way for others.


This is a path of honor and wholeness. We honor our own experiences and those of others. We honor suffering and joy. We learn to trust that as we face what needs to be met, it is not just for ourselves but for all those whose lives we touch, and for those who will enter this path after us.

Next Steps – Taking our programs nationwide

We have seen the impact of our programs on the lives of the many veterans who have been participating.

We began offering programs in California and have expanded to Tennessee and Colorado. Our vision is to scale nationally through a community/partnership model. Empowering communities around the country to support veterans through a portfolio of Veteran’s PATH programs - by vetting, training and supporting community teams that can deliver Veteran’s PATH programming in their communities.