Veteran’s PATH was established in 2008 by Lee Klinger Lesser and Chris Fortin, two long-time mindfulness and meditation teachers with backgrounds in western mental health, emotional intelligence and somatic healing.

The Founders:

They came together to share a mutual concern about what was happening to returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. As mothers of children the same age as current returning veterans, and as people who lived during the Vietnam era and watched what happened to returning veterans then, and the suffering that has continued over decades, they wanted to contribute to a more welcoming and productive transition from the military into civilian life.

Lee and Chris sought to adapt mindfulness and meditation – which has been scientifically shown to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, substance abuse and other conditions – to the unique needs of the veteran community, to meet the obvious gap in mental health and life skills programming for veterans returning home to civilian life.

Programs Offered

Veteran's PATH offers annual retreats and programs. Check out the Programs page for more about each of these programs.


Name Change

When we first began in 2008 our name was Honoring the Path of the Warrior (HPW). This was a long name that even many veterans didn’t remember. Our goal is to make this effective programming available throughout the country, so we decided we should have a name that people could connect with and remember. We reached out to all of our stakeholders: veterans, donors, facilitators and came up with our new name that represents the heart of what we do: