One-day events serve as an entry place for many new veterans, and as a source of ongoing community and practice for returning participants.

"If you're just looking at it, it could seem a little hokey, but the second you come to an event, and you sit down, and you meet with some people, and you start sharing and learning about what's going on in other people's lives…you understand that mindfulness is not a trick. It's not something artificial. It's something real. It's something that exists within us all already…It's waking up to the fact that you actually have the ability to take care of yourself. And that it's really safe, and it's fun."

- Travis Groft, U.S. Air Force, OIF/OEF
These events combine a physically engaging activity (such as hiking, indoor rock-climbing or rowing) with nature, meditation and mindfulness practices and community.

Lunch is included, and there is no charge for the day.

Practicing mindfulness while rock climbing. Connecting what we learn on the wall, to how we live in our daily lives.

Collaging words and images onto stones as a reminder of intentions from the day.

Experiencing Qigong at the beach. Qigong is a moving meditation that fosters integration, good health, and balance of energy.

Hiking to the beach, after a morning of dialogue, meditation and connection.

"I came to a one-day event, and afterwards I had three finals at college. I practiced concentration and breathing like we did at the event, and I got three A’s for the very first time."

- U.S. Army, OEF veteran