Coming together in camaraderie, commitment and strength:
our first programs exclusively for men.

"In the Army I was taught that if I didn't use emotion, this would be a strength. I used anger to get through tough times. And poured alcohol on it whenever I did have emotion. This mindfulness meditation and the community that I get from Veteran’s PATH is really supporting my growth and my ability to live and to thrive and to move forward in my life and be a good dad and be a good friend and have self-esteem. This is real skills for living."

- Matt Huffman, U.S. Army (finishing law school in Spring 2017)
Veteran’s PATH began offering intensive programs based on a request from women to meet their unique needs. As those programs developed and grew, we realized that there was a gap in what we were offering to men. We are honored to be able to offer men an opportunity to come together in camaraderie, strength and commitment in more in-depth programs.


Men's 4-Month Anchor Program
The combined 5-day Men’s Retreat and 15-week Practice Period offer an opportunity to bond in deep, active camaraderie. The mutual support and engagement provide a safe community for healing, and learning new skills related to self-compassion, resilience, communication, and meditation and mindfulness practice. See some details below about these two programs.