Coming together in camaraderie, commitment and strength

"The most meaningful was the care and love of genuine leadership. The program is very compassionate; it showed me I can be okay through the suffering, and I don't have to do it alone. I can build relationships even though it might seem tricky and scary."

- Jose Alcantar, U. S. Army


Men's Four-Month Anchor Program
The combined 5-day Men’s Retreat and 15-week Practice Period offer an opportunity to bond in deep, active camaraderie. The mutual support and engagement provide a safe community for healing, and learning new skills related to self-compassion, resilience, communication, and meditation and mindfulness practice. 


Practicing stretching, yoga, and Qigong together help us settle into our physical experience..

Heading down to the beach.

Guided meditation on the beach.

A fire ceremony helps with letting go.