Coming together in camaraderie, commitment and strength:
our first programs exclusively for men.

"In the Army I was taught that if I didn't use emotion, this would be a strength. I used anger to get through tough times. And poured alcohol on it whenever I did have emotion. This mindfulness meditation and the community that I get from Veteran’s PATH is really supporting my growth and my ability to live and to thrive and to move forward in my life and be a good dad and be a good friend and have self-esteem. This is real skills for living."

- Matt Huffman, U.S. Army (finishing law school in Spring 2017)
Veteran’s PATH began offering intensive programs based on a request from women to meet their unique needs. As those programs developed and grew, we realized that there was a gap in what we were offering to men. We are honored to be able to offer men an opportunity to come together in camaraderie, strength and commitment in more in-depth programs.


Men's Retreat and Anchor Program
The combined 5-day men’s retreat and 9-week Anchor Program offer an opportunity to bond in deep, active camaraderie. The mutual support and engagement provide a safe community for healing, and learning new skills related to self-compassion, resilience, communication, and meditation and mindfulness practice. See some details below about these two programs.


The 5-day retreat is an intensive introduction to these skills and to building relationships with other veterans. There is adventure, group challenges, individual quests and a deep witnessing and recognition of each other. After the retreat, veterans return home to digest what they have experienced and then have the ongoing support of the Anchor Program.


The 9-week Anchor Program helps to sustain, integrate, and deepen mindfulness and meditation practice more fully into daily life. It is an opportunity for veterans to stay connected with themselves and each other. It allows for a more sustained time of self-reflection and practicing with tools for healing. 

The Anchor Program Includes:

  • Weekend residential retreats at the beginning and end of the program
  • Bi-weekly practices and readings to integrate into daily life
  • Three 90-minute online classes to reconnect, check-in, and engage in meditation and mindfulness practices together
  • Once a month, a thirty-minute check-in call with a Veteran's PATH facilitator
  • Once a month, a peer check-in call