"Veteran’s PATH has helped me integrate two aspects of myself – the warrior side and the gentle side. As a Vet Leader, I’m honored to support the growth and healing of my fellow vets. Veteran’s PATH has been a true gift in my life and it’s positive effects continue to ripple through my life."

- Lynn Oschmann, US Navy Reserves, 10 years active duty


In 2014, we developed a two-year pilot Veteran Leadership program that has been one of the most important elements of Veteran’s PATH. This has been an opportunity for Veteran Leaders to deepen their own practice, to learn new facilitation skills, and to use the depth of their own experience to support other veterans. Veterans naturally trust and turn towards other veterans more easily. Vet leaders are able to offer and speak to the everyday transformative quality of the practices. As they facilitate, they help to make these tools more immediately accessible and trustworthy to newcomers.

A second pilot cohort will complete the program in December of 2018. In 2019, we will launch our formal Vet Leader program and welcome veterans from all of the states in which Veteran's PATH is offering programs. We are excited to see the ongoing strengths, abilities and commitment that veteran's bring in service to other veterans.

See who our veteran leaders are here.

See below to hear how Vet Leader Intern Nicholas Mason describes his experience.

"We tried to mentally prepare to be shot or blown up at any moment; that kind of paranoia and anxiety really takes hold inside of you. It can be really difficult to shed that anxious and reactionary way of being. . . ."

"When I started to experience the more physical aspects of Yoga, I started to work through some trauma that I had internalized into different parts of my body. Trauma that I wasn’t even aware of. . . .”

"When I first started to experience Yoga it was profound enough, but when I began facilitating classes and holding space for others, it was truly a gift. I love connecting with people on that additional level especially when they’re Veterans. Vets tend to leave the service with this shell of toughness, sometimes hate around them. Fortunately that shell that can be dismantled by the sweetness that is Yoga, stillness, and peace. . . ."

- Nick Mason, U.S. Army, OIF

Nick teaching a yoga class on our whitewater rafting trip.

Nick teaching yoga at a one-day event.