We recognize friends and loved ones for their military service; here you can share and read stories about veterans in our midst.

AGCS (ret) Anne Morris
submitted by Lynn Oschmann

It was my sincere pleasure to work with Senior Chief Anne Morris at THIRD Fleet.Stepping into a high tempo job, I relied heavily on her expertise.Unflappable under pressure, she always gave her utmost to support the mission, while balancing her care for the sailors she led.A true navy professional!She also had me laughing every day, which made the long days bearable.


CWO2 (ret) Jay McInvale
Submitted by Lynn Oschmann

Jay McInvale had already had a long Navy career before I met him, retiring as a Warrant Officer.At the point we worked together, he was continuing to support the Navy ASW mission as a contractor and now as a DoD civilian.In our time serving together, I was always blown away by Jay’s dedication to the sailors, giving unselfishly of his time to make sure they had the best training possible for their mission.I thank him and his family for all the sacrifices they have made for our country.

BMCS (ret) Hobert "Al" Allen
Submitted by Lynn Oschmann

As a junior officer learning the ropes onboard ship, Senior Chief Allen was my right hand man and technical expert.He kept me out of trouble and helped me grow into my own as an officer.He also taught me that you could get the job done and have fun at the same time.I truly valued his mentorship and friendship.They made USS SYLVANIA one of my favorite tours in the Navy.

CAPT (ret) Jame Campbell
Submitted by Lynn Oschmann

Jane was my roommate on my second ship and the best officer of the deck with whom I have served.She took me under her wing and showed me the ropes.Her friendship also made our stateroom a haven of sanity in sometimes stressful circumstances.I could think of no one better to promote me to Captain when my time came.After she laterally transferred into Public Affair, her sustained outstanding performance had her fast tracked throughout her career, working in the most high profile jobs.Now retired, her quest for public service continues as she runs for the North Carolina General Assembly.

LT Jay Morford
ARMY, Baghdad Iraq
Submitted by Lynn Oschmann

My husband Jay may have only served for six years on active duty, but the Navy has been an extended part of his life.His dad Dean was active duty Navy, retiring as a Captain, so Jay spent his childhood following his dad throughout his Navy assignments.Since leaving active duty, Jay spent 33 years serving the Navy as a DoD civilian and continues to support the Navy mission as a contractor for the Naval Research Lab.I really admire his work ethic and continuing dedicated service to our country.Love you!

LT (ret) Robert Sayers
Submitted by Lynn Oschmann

LT Bob Sayers was a Mustang and by far the best officer under whom I served in the Navy.He was a true professional, demanding the best from his sailors and himself.He also took care of everyone under his command and, in return, we would all do anything for him.He was the epitome of outstanding Navy leadership and the person after whom I tried to model myself.